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 the Offical HandBook

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PostSubject: the Offical HandBook   Thu May 21, 2009 7:15 am

[i]all Recs You will wake up at 9:00 and Get dressed Have Breakfast and Put on your suite and be at *Salute* standing on the wall waiting to be instruct and you will follow the commands you will not screw around if you do you drop and give me 20 and you must read this part if you are new to realism units i am telling you some answer to the test number #1 Wat: does PTS stand For: pts is permission to speak that is when you are on the wall and want to speak What Does PTU mean : PTU means permission to use you have to ask that if you are Cpl or lower for a weapon you can use the 1st and second rifle only PTFI stands for; permission to fall in you have to ask that if you come to drills to late or if you have to leave drills when still going ask PTFO permission to fall out last one is PTDP: means Permission to discharge pieces you must ask that first don't just shoot around when i am talking also no asking PTS when i am talking when i am done you have all the rights to ask pts.
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the Offical HandBook
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